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OCRID Board Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:15 pm EST. The official language for all OCRID Board and Annual meetings will be American Sign Language. 

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*All meetings will be recorded for record keeping purposes.

                 *If you would like to request an ASL to English (voicing) Interpreter for the meeting, please contact our Director of Meetings at

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The mission of the Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf is to promote best practices in the profession of sign language interpreting throughout Ohio by fostering relationships with practitioners and the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community and advocating for equality, professionalism, and excellence.

2023-2024 Board of Directors


Moses McIntosh, ABD, M.Ed., 


Director of Programming

Bill Mair

Director of Finance

Kate Giet

Director of Meetings

Vicky Emerson, RID-CT, Trauma Informed Qualified Interpreter - 2016

Director of Communications

Marja Davis

Member at Large

Brynn Morgan

Deaf Member at Large

Dawn Watts

CMP Coordinator

Shalene Germani, CI/CT, 

Kara Bull, NIC and

Katey Norcross 

(This position is not on the Board of Directors)

Image Descriptions: 2022-2023 Board of Directors (Left to Right) President, Moses McIntosh, a white man with short brown hair and hazel eyes with large black glasses and a medium length beard is directly facing (portrait style) the camera wearing a warm toothy smile and a light blue plaid shirt with a collar. He stands in front of a blurred natural background with the sun shining through branches and leaves of green trees.  Director of Programming, photo not yet provided.  Director of Finance, Kate Giet, a white women with shoulder length blond highlighted hair and brown eyes directly faces the camera (portrait style) with a a warm, toothy smile wearing a brown sweater. She stands in front of a plain light gray background. Member at Large, Susan Harvey a white women with shoulder length curly blond and brown hair with brown eyes looks directly at the camera (portrait style) with a warm, toothy smile that reaches to her eyes. She stands in front of a dark brown wooden door wearing a black blouse. Director of Meetings, Vicky Emerson,  is a Caucasian cis-gen woman who is directly facing the camera with a full smile, wearing glasses & long dangly silver swirl earrings with her long brown hair hanging down and with a streak of silver (glitter) in her half pulled up curly hair in from of a stone stairway in front of a castle in Sydney, Ohio. Snow is on the ground. Director of Communications,  photo not yet provided.  Deaf Member at Large, Dawn Watts, a white women with short straight blond hair, with one strand braided and beaded longer than the rest, looks directly at the camera (portrait style) with blue eyes and a warm, toothy smile that reaches to her eyes. She stands in front of a room with furniture obscured in the background wearing a white embroidered blouse. CMP Coordinator, Shalene Germani, CI/CT, Kara Bull, NIC, and Katey Norcross, Circle - "Certification Maintenance Program Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf" outline around the outside of the circle in black letter and white background. The center of the circle is black with RID in white lettering.

For full biographies, please go to the Board of Directors page.

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