Board of Directors


Moses McIntosh, ABD, M.Ed., BA, BS, NIC (2022-2024)

Moses is a practicing interpreter in Northeastern Ohio. Graduating with bachelor’s degrees in interpreting and ASL, and his master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University, he has worked as an instructor, interpreter, mentor, and manager. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Studies, with a current research emphasis on the intersection of language learning and ideology. NIC certified, he has interpreted in k-12, post-secondary, community, medical, VRS, and VRI. Moses currently serves as the National Manager of Community Operations at Purple Communications. He is also an ordained Pastor and Elder and serves in both of those capacities in his local church body. Moses has been married for 14 years and has five beautiful children. 

Image Description: President, Moses McIntosh, a white man with short brown hair and hazel eyes with large black glasses and a medium length beard is directly facing (portrait style) the camera wearing a warm toothy smile and a light blue plaid shirt with a collar. He stands in front of a blurred natural background with the sun shining through branches and leaves of green trees.  

Director of Programming

Bill Mair (2023-2025)

Bio not yet provided. 

Director of Finance

Kate Giet (2023-2024)

Kate is a 2021 graduate from Kent State University's ASL/ENG Interpreting program, where she also minored in Psychology. She has volunteered with OCRID for a few years, primarily with the Silent Auction during conferences, and is excited to serve on the Board. Kate is a community interpreter in Northeast Ohio.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, tending to her 20+ houseplants, traveling and reading. 

Image Description: Director of Communications, Kate Giet, a white women with shoulder length blond highlighted hair and brown eyes directly faces the camera (portrait style) with a a warm, toothy smile wearing a brown sweater. She stands in front of a plain light gray background. 

Director of Meetings

Vicky Emerson, RID-CT (2021-2023 & 2023-2025)

Vicky Emerson is a hearing military brat (USAF-retired), Military Spouse (USN-retired), married 26 years to her High School sweetheart, mother to 4 hearing children (17, 15, 13, 12) and a South East Ohio transplant (Lebanon, OH) from the New Orleans, Lousiana & Mississippi GulfCoast areas. Vicky’s interpreting education began formally at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, LA and considers herself a life-long learner & heartfelt partner with the d/Deaf, DB, ITP students & interpreter communities.  She has been a freelance/private practice interpreter since 1999 whose focus has been in many places throughout the past 20+ years including: Deaf/Hearing teams, DeafBlind/SSP, Medical/Trauma, Mental Health/Trauma/Addiction, Military/Gov’t, Religious, Technical/STEM, VRI, Mentor, Intern, Conferences/performance work, Voc. Rehab and Educational interpreting. Her door is always open to those who need guidance, mentorship or a sounding-board. Call/text 504-289-5007 or email!

Image Description: Vicky is a caucasian cis-gen woman who is directly facing the camera with a full smile, wearing glasses & long dangly silver swirl earrings with her long brown hair hanging down and with a streak of silver (glitter) in her half pulled up curly hair in from of a stone stairway in front of a castle in Sydney, Ohio. Snow is on the ground. 

Director of Communications

Marja Davis (2023-2025)


Image Description: Marja Davis, black female with shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes, a warm smile with red lipstick.  Looking directly at the camera.  Tan colored blazer with a black shirt underneath. Background is light.

Member at Large

vacant (2023-2025)

Bio not yet provided. 

Deaf Member at Large

Dawn Watts (2022-2024)

Dawn K. Watts was born Deaf to Deaf parents in Cleveland, Ohio.  She holds a B.A. in psychology from Gallaudet University, some courses M.A. in School Counselor and Interpreting Program from Gallaudet University, and ASL Linguistics from the Ohio State University.  She worked for the Gallaudet Interpreting Service in 1989 to 1998 as CDI-P (Certified Deaf Interpreter Provisional).  In 2000, Dawn moved and worked for Outreach Service as Interpreter Educator, a substitute educational interpreter licensed from the State of Ohio at Ohio School for the Deaf for 5 years. She has also been an ASL instructor since 1987 and teaches High Vision Language at Columbus Community State College.  She was President for OCRID Columbus Local and representative for RID Regional III as SIG:Deaf/Blind, Regional III for Deaf Caucus and was Vice Chairperson for Deaf Caucus. She has been a member of RID for the past 32 years and is officially retired. In addition, she was a Large-at-Consultant and SSP/Interpreter Coordinator for Ohio Association for the Deaf/Blind for the past 5 years.  Dawn and David Simmons, Authors, created a movie “Stop Audism in Ohio” and it is in the Library of Congress. Numbers of volunteer services for nonprofit organizations including horse therapy for mental health.   

Image Description: Deaf Member at Large, Dawn Watts, a white women with short straight blond hair, with one strand braided and beaded longer than the rest, looks directly at the camera (portrait style) with blue eyes and a warm, toothy smile that reaches to her eyes. She stands in front of a room with furniture obscured in the background wearing a white embroidered blouse.