Board of Directors


Chelsea Sudar, MBA, NIC

Chelsea Sudar has been professionally interpreting for the past 10+ years, with most experience in educational and VRS. She graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelors in Educational Interpreting in December 2010, followed by a move to Columbus in July 2011 to begin her career. Chelsea obtained her NIC in August 2018, and received her MBA from Franklin University in January 2021. She has been working for Purple Communications since December 2015, starting as a flex VI, moving to a full-time VI in June 2017, and becoming an Interpreter Recruiter in July 2019.

Outside of work, Chelsea enjoys traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite season is Fall, because it is college football season, and she is an extreme Ohio State Buckeyes fan! She currently owns a home in Southwest Columbus, Ohio, with her partner, Erica, cat, June, and new puppy, Piper.

Image Description: Chelsea Sudar, a white woman with blond shoulder length curled hair and brown eyes is directly facing (portrait style) the camera wearing a warm toothy smile that reaches her eyes and a dark gray v-neck sweater. She sits in front of a white wall and over her right shoulder a red, gray and white throw blanket is visible.

Director of Programming

David Shanahan, NIC

David lives in Toledo, Ohio and has been a member of RID/OCRID for at least 15 years. David graduated with a degree in Communication from the University of Toledo and a degree in Sign Language Studies from Madonna University and has been working professionally for 15.5 years in NW and Central Ohio as well as SE Michigan and nationally at various conferences. David previously served on the Board as Local Chapter 1 President as well as a State Rep. He is excited to be part of the "Big Board" and help get the organization back on track. David also currently serves on the Ad Hoc committee for Standards and Licensure. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and of course, baking cookies.

Image Description: David Shanahan, is a clean shaved, white man facing the camera (portrait style), shaved head, glasses, a slightly mischievous smile & a sparkle in his eyes. He is sitting in front of a blue wall and is he’s wearing a dark navy blue dress shirt, a gold tie and a neck-lanyard tucked into his shirt pocket.

Director of Finance

Janna Chadwell, NIC

Janna began to sign during middle school after being exposed to the Deaf community. She used interaction and whatever instructional videos she could find on her own to learn ASL. Ever since high school, she has known she wanted to become an interpreter. Janna attended Kent State University where she graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in ASL/English Interpreting. She works primarily at Purple doing both community and VRS work. So far, her favorite setting to interpret is post-secondary education. Her goal in joining the board is to get involved with the network of Ohio interpreters and learn from more experienced interpreters in the field.

Image description: Janna Chadwell, is a white woman who sits facing the camera (portrait style). She has straight blonde shoulder length hair, glasses and a tentative smile. She is wearing a maroon sweater over a black shirt. She is in front of a cream colored wall.

Director of Membership

Amanda Gallof

Amanda is a recent graduate from Columbus State Community College’s Interpreter Education Program. Amanda works as a special education teacher and is starting her interpreting career with Purple Video Relay Services. In 2018, Amanda graduated from The Ohio State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing science. When she’s not working, she enjoys walks with her dog, Ty and spending time with family and friends.

Image Description, Amanda Gallof is a white woman, facing the camera (portrait style). She has long dark hair, with some blonde. She has dark eyes and a large, welcoming smile. She is in a grey blazer with a black shirt underneath. The background is white, looking like a professional headshot.

Director of Meetings

Vicky Emerson, RID-CT, Trauma Informed Qualified Interpreter - 2016

Vicky Emerson is a hearing military brat (USAF-retired), Military Spouse (USN-retired), married 26 years to her High School sweetheart, mother to 4 hearing children (17, 15, 13, 12) and a South East Ohio transplant (Lebanon, OH) from the New Orleans, Lousiana & Mississippi GulfCoast areas. Vicky’s interpreting education began formally at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, LA and considers herself a life-long learner & heartfelt partner with the d/Deaf, DB, ITP students & interpreter communities. She has been a freelance/private practice interpreter since 1999 whose focus has been in many places throughout the past 20+ years including: Deaf/Hearing teams, DeafBlind/SSP, Medical/Trauma, Mental Health/Trauma/Addiction, Military/Gov’t, Religious, Technical/STEM, VRI, Mentor, Intern, Conferences/performance work, Voc. Rehab and Educational interpreting. Her door is always open to those who need guidance, mentorship or a sounding-board. Call/text 504-289-5007 or email!

Image Description: Vicky is a caucasian cis-gen woman who is directly facing the camera with a full smile, wearing glasses & long dangly silver swirl earrings with her long brown hair hanging down and with a streak of silver (glitter) in her half pulled up curly hair in from of a stone stairway in front of a castle in Sydney, Ohio. Snow is on the ground.

Director of Communications


Interested in serving on the board? Email Chelsea at

Director of Community Relations

Julia Finocchi

Julia's journey into the Deaf world began in 2002 when her daughter was born. She started working for the Youngstown Community Center for the Deaf as the office secretary where she learned sign language from the Deaf Community. Julia decided to go to Kent State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Educational Interpreting in 2015. She began working again at Youngstown Community Center for the Deaf (Easterseals) as a PRN Interpreter. Julia has interpreted K-12, community, medical, platform, weddings, funerals, etc. She has also been a VRS Interpreter with Purple for 3 years. She is currently studying to take the NIC Knowledge Exam, and working on the alternative route to becoming an ASL teacher as well. When Julia is not interpreting, she is an ASTrA Advocate with Ohio Hands and Voices. Her passion is helping parents advocate for their children in the school system, learning their rights, both student and parents, to fight for equal access. On top of these, and the most important, Julia is a mother of two daughters and a wife of 9 years. They share their home with an ornery cat and over-sized Beagle.

Image Description: Julia Finocchi stands in a green field with tall green trees surrounding her. She has a serious calm look on her face with straight shoulder length light brown hair, clear eyes and high cheekbones with a slight dimple on the right corner of her mouth. She is facing the camera (portrait style).