Group of individuals with varying identities sitting around a conference table working and discussing.

OCRID offers two types of committees within its organization


Standing committees shall be appointed or discontinued by the President as deemed necessary

Ad Hoc

Ad hoc committees shall be appointed by the President when deemed necessary to carry on the work of OCRID. Ad hoc committees shall serve until the task is completed.

Our standing committees

Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) Committee

This committee works in collaboration with a network of approved sponsors to ensure the quality and effectiveness of educational opportunities provided for certified members and individuals aspiring to become certified.

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Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) Committee

This committee serves to modify and improve the working Polices and Procedures Manual for OCRID to support the successful management of the organization.

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Our ad hoc committee

Annual State Conference Planning Committee

This committee serves to ensure successful, engaging annual conferences through thorough event planning.

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